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Travelling. Stars. Runemarks. Tom Hiddleston. Constellations. Stephan El Shaarawy. AC Milan. Arctic Monkeys. Marvel. Wildfire. Depeche Mode. Lokabrenna. Magic. Colin O'Donoghue. Surfing. Snowboarding. Write down my feelings. And always feeling the sun. Be my Pazzini & I'll be your Montolivo ♥

when youre at a concert does it suddenly hit you at random moments that the band are real people and not just pictures on the internet

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I hate when a person says they’ve had a bad day and everyone, instead of trying to cheer them up, enters a competition of who’s had the shittest life

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*this pizza serves 4-6 people*

bitch, the only person eating this pizza is me

You’re still trying to protect me. Real or not real,” he whispers.
“Real,” I answer. “Because that’s what you and I do, protect each other.
Suzanne CollinsMockingjay (via feellng)